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Permanent Jewelry 

What is Permanent Jewelry? 


Have you ever wanted to have a piece of jewelry that you did not have to worry about taking off every day? OR a piece of jewelry that is completely customized to you? Well, Permanent Jewelry is just that thing! 

What exactly is it? 

  Permanent jewelry, also known as forever jewelry, is a piece of jewelry that is welded together instead of secured with a clasp. It can be a bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring, and is often worn 24/7.

It is completely customizable  with different chains, charms, and connectors that help make it personalized to the person wearing it! 



What metals do we offer for the jewelry?

We have multiple selections of jewelry metals that include Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Solid 14K Gold, and Rose Gold. The charms are also available in the same metals as the chains. One could complete a full gold customized bracelet or the metals could also be mixed for a unique look! It is up to you as the client to pick our your perfect customized piece! 


How is it done?

When the client comes in to get a piece of permanent jewelry they will take a look at our display and pick out what they like best for their chain. Once they have picked their chain, they are then able to look at the charms and other accessories that can be added to the piece of jewelry and pick some to add. When all pieces have been selected our Permanent Jewelry Artist will measure the clients wrist, cut the chain to size, and add all of the charms chosen before wrapping the chain around the clients wrist and welding a small jump ring closed to seal the deal and give the client their new beautiful piece of forever jewelry! 



Permanent Jewelry is fun for all ages and great to do it with friends and family! Grandparents or parents can get jewelry with their children or grandkids birthstones and initials. If you or someone you know is getting married, then come on in with your bachelorette party and get matching bracelets to remember the event! Even if you are vacationing here on beautiful Cape Cod then come in and get something to commemorate your vacation. There are endless reasons why Permanent Jewelry is perfect for any occasion.

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