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What is an Acne Management?

What is Acne? Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores. Pores shed skin cells much faster than normal. Normal pores shed about one layer of skin cells per day inside the pore. The acne-prone

pore sheds up to five layers of dead skin cells per day and the body just can’t keep up. This forms the microcomedone, the beginning of all acne. Taking up to 90 days, it turns into blackheads or congestion under the skin; or if bacteria are present ( which just love to feed on the dead skin cells and oil), it turns into inflamed pimples or pustules and maybe even cysts. How long does acne take to clear? Because it takes up to 90 days for acne to form, you may still have 90 days of acne that will surface. Our acne products and protocol will keep new acne from forming that would surface 90 days from now. The Cape Cod Skin Care Acne Programs will have your acne under control in about 3 to 6 months (in most cases) depending on your type of acne. Some take longer to clear. Our Acne Specialist will customize a home care regime that takes at least five things under consideration; your type of acne, your skin type, your skin color, your sensitivity, and your environment. The biggest part of getting your skin clear will be your commit

ment to doing your home care regime as instructed and following lifestyle guidelines.

Our acne management program is designed specifically for acne-prone skin, these treatments are a combination of exfoliation, facial peels, and deep pore cleansing to clarify and eliminate impurities.

The Acne Management Program is a 12-week program of 6-10 bi-weekly acne treatments.

You will receive education on acne, as well as lifestyle and nutritional guidance, and home-care instructions.

When you come in to see me, we will have a one-one consultation and evaluate your skin to find out what and why your skin is doing what it's doing.

Cape CodSkin Care Acne Management Program uses specific non-comedogenic products in the treatment and home care. You will be expected to purchase home care at your first visit and be expected to use it consistently to clear your acne. You will also be expected to follow an in-clinic treatment regimen that consists of acne treatments every two weeks that include extractions, and possibly LED treatment.

The results are a clearer blemish-free complexion!

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