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Hair Begone!

We are excited to introduce a new and innovative hair reduction system for both men and women called EpilFree. Finally a hair removal service that can also treat white, grey and red hair. Something lasers can not treat. EpilFree works in conjunction with a regular routine waxing's. The treatment is applied after the waxing. It combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations of lasers.

It can also be used over tattoos, with no damage or chance of pigmentation.

This new system offers three concentrated formulas (facial, intimate and body) and each are developed to successfully treat the hair type in each treatment area, which may include:

Face, chin, eyebrows

Neck, underarms, forearms, shoulders

Back, chest, legs, bikini area


Epilfree is a hair removal alternative to laser. Epilfree is a patented European in spa hair removal system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser.

The EPILFREE solution is a unique scientifically formulated combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients (no chemicals) that inhibits and slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair. It is based on natural ingredients that consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs.

No worries about getting back in the sun. We ask that you stay out of the sun for 24 hours after treatment. Absolutely no chance of photosensitivity.

A noticeable difference should be seen after the very first treatment.

It generally takes between five and ten treatments to achieve desired results. If hormonal issues (PCOS) are involved, it may be more. Each Epilfree treatment should continue to reduce the number of functioning follicles, and as a result, reduce the amount of hair that returns in the treated area.

Like any other professional service, the overall results will vary depending on the person giving the treatment. Call for a consultation today!

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